Way to Bintulu - Visiting the 4th Largest Town in Sarawak

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We flown our way from Brunei to Bintulu via MASwings and it was also the first time I have take a flight in a turboprop plane. We boarded the plane using a rear door (quite usually for passenger plane) and the plane has only two rows of seat of either side. Some travellers have mentioned that smaller aircraft are more prone to turbulence, but nah. That really depends on the weather and we landed in a smooth ride within an hour.

While being to Bintulu is my maiden trip, understanding from my client and superior that during the past, the airport is only a doorstep away from the town and it was in fact listed in the Guinness World Records as the town sited nearest to a airport. It is unimaginable that you can actual walked into the town after the customs ! However, over the decade, there was dramastic changes and a decent airport has actually been built.

Bintulu is a major industrial centre and will be turning into a capital of energy due to the intensive industries in Malaysia. We visited some of the industries at the sub-urban area and our client took us for a tour around the town before bringing us for lunch.

Lunch was an interesting affair. The client treated us with a fish called "Unforgettable" or "忘不了" in mandarin. The client brought the fish from home to the restaurant for the chef to perform his ultimate culinary skills to cook it to perfect taste. The patin of the fish was so silky and soft that you don't even have to chew and it simply glide through the throat while the aromatic taste of the fish filled your entire mouth, a taste that words cannot simply described. The ultimate amazed "feature" will be the price of Unforgettable. My client bought a whole fish which weighs close to 7 kilograms (he mentioned that the texture differs for those under 3 kg) and though reluctant to reveal the price, it cost about RM700 or US$ 215 per 100 grams. I have just eaten 1 kilogram of this fish and it just became  most expensive fish I have eaten in my entire life and it really lives up to its name because you will definitely not forget the taste. Damned, just forget to take a photo of it !

Unforgettable actual name is Empurau, a riparian specie freshwater fish which can only be caught in a river in Sibu, Sawarak that jumps our of the water to feed on the oily fruits that are overhanging from Engkabang tree along the fast flowing streams in jungle habitat. The fish need to be at least 3 kilograms so that the flesh would have firm body.

After our exquisite lunch experience, we are heading to the airport again to fly to Kuching.

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